Building the Garden
The starting point for rebuilding the garden in its new location at the 3013 Old Forge Drive home of BRCIC and NSTC was the schematic by Craig Rhodes. Craig’s plan reflects perfectly the the metaphor of grief as non-linear journey, which can reveal discovered beauty and companionship along its zigs and zags.
Rob Seidenglanz of RS Outdoors, LLC and his stalwart crew undertook the work of making this design a physical reality.
They installed drainage and added new, more attractive privacy fencing.
They set out the framing to create the concrete infrastructure of the zig-zagging paths.
Rob oversaw all the details, from pouring the concrete foundation for the bricks. . .
to the creation of the beautiful paths themselves.
The bricks from the original garden at our former location were carefully moved to their new home. . .
with the able assistance of a group of volunteer Kinesiology students from LSU.
The Garden is available 24/7 to provide a place of meditation, reflection and solace.
You can help sustain it by planting a brick in our garden.
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