Joseph Ducote
On October 12, 2015, our oldest son Joseph shot himself at age 28. He was the second of four close friends who have died by suicide.

His pain from depression was so great that he could not live one more minute. We regret that Joe did not share his feeling nor gave us the chance to help him.

Joe left six notes to family and friends and in one of his notes stated that he was tired of living a charade. Tired of being a burden on his family. Just tired, and he wanted to sleep.

Our family is profoundly broken over Joe’s suicide. We have cracks that are slowing healing, but we do have a giant Joe sized hole that will never go away.

Time is our friend and our enemy: Time has made our grief softer, but time has also taken us further from our Joe.

And, we are blessed to have the ever-present kindness and support of our Survivors of Suicide Support Group and the many friends from Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center and National Suicide Training Center. They are the life-saving oasis in the desert.
-- David and Karla Ducote and family
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